Singer, songwriter

I put my guitar in the case to get it out of the way while my parents visited, and then my current day job (make-up artist at a funeral home) got crazy busy (the weather?), so I didn’t do much playing for like, three months. Then I started work on a song and I’m so freakin’ obsessive, I play until it hurts too much. At least the blisters didn’t fill up with blood this time. I hate that.

My guitar is a Blueridge, btw. It’s a nice instrument for the money, although the low E buzzes if I’m not careful. Will probably have to get that fixed someday.

Comments on: "Too little, then too much guitar" (1)

  1. I could so do that for a living. I even toyed with forensic entomology… I have no fear of the dead dudes and dudettes. My husband’s family really did a lot with the body of his dad. packing the body in with “dead money” and putting coin in the mouth etc. Very fascinating. His last minutes and death were amazing in the woo woo realm. I witnessed stuff, well, I wouldn’t have believed before…seriously paranormal.

    I suggest my brother do the makeup in a funeral home (he was a makeup artist for years) but he didn’t even respond. Apparently not liking the idea.

    Hope we get to teach a class together at PPWC. That would be fun.



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